Thursday, 25 June 2015

Morris men in Bablock Hythe.

Another summer's day - hoorah.

Before settling down in my bank side chair for some relaxation with kindle and binoculars, the wood on the rear doors were sanded and given  a coat of varnish while Sue worked on  her latest cross stitch project.

The moorings here have filled up today, Serenity came past looking for a mooring ,so I called over for them to come alongside FL, a grateful Silv & Ted pulled in. While putting the pins in I managed to slip of the bank and into the river, thankfully only up to my knees - does this mean I am a proper boatman now or is it only a full baptism that counts.

Serenity had just moored when two more boats were looking to moor, a bit of creative bow in stern out positioning had  Vixen and FreeSpirit breasted up in front of FL.

We had our tea in the Ferryman and watched Morris Men dancing in the car park.

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