Sunday, 28 June 2015

Meadow land

I walked into Eynsham for some supplies using the farmer's field route rather than the towpath, this cut about a mile or more off the journey.

Later the farmer came and had a chat while we sat on the bank, he was making sure we weren't staying on his land too long, until Monday was fine and he hoped we had a pleasant stay. Unusual for the Thames that he didn't want a fee.

A field of dandelion weeds.
Eynsham cottages.

Watched a bit of Glasto last night, on one stage Micky mouse was putting out a hypnotic beat along with a singular lyric which was the F word, didn't understand why, it used to be a shock tactic in the 70's to get a record banned and so promote it through notoriety - come on this is the 21C.

The night before we watched Motorhead we couldn't make out any of Lemmy's lyrics accept for the f word.!!

Sunday morning it rained on and off for a few hours, Sue & Vic joined us for Sunday roast aboard FL, with a creamy rice pud for afters from NP's galley, we shared some wine and an enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

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