Thursday, 18 June 2015

Buttercup boat wash

We were woken early this morning by the bovine boat washes giving FL's cabin a tongue lashing. I thought I'd better get up and shoo them away, we didn't want the bank giving way and trapping the cow's by the boat. We were at this same spot 30 years ago and a cow actually put two hooves on the side of the 21 foot gpr cruiser we owned at the time, made the boat rock a bit.

As I  asked the herd who were taking turns in licking the dew of the roof to go away, one of the vandals wrapped a tongue around the Manx flag on the stern and walked off with it flagpole still attached. I wasn't having that so I chased her down and a tug of war ensued, I won and walked back triumphantly  to FL,..... still in my Y fronts! 

Buttercup boat wash.

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