Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Slept well last night an eleven hour nod, must have been the faint noise of the weir lolling us into a deep slumber. The day shines bright for us, a liberal spray of  sun screen on exposed skin before we untied FL from the bank. 

From here all the way to Lechlade the river is isolated among meadowland and flat open countryside with a few pockets of humanity, notably at the Swan hotel at Radcot bridge and The Trout at Tadpole bridge. 

FL has been buzzed by an RAF transport aircraft doing training circuits around RAF Fairford, it must have passed overhead at least 15 times.

We have moored on the meadow below Half Penny bridge, we enjoyed an evening meal in The Riverside.

Rushey lock

Tadpole bridge

Tadpole bridge bird box's.

Radcot lock

Water point cock.

Radcot bridge

Boeing C17 Globemaster

Grafton lock.

Buscot lock

St. Johns lock

Propeller fountain St Johns lock

St Johns lock garden.


Paul and El said...

Boeing C17 Globemaster.

Transport Boy

Andy said...

Thanks Paul, I'll update the picture.