Sunday, 14 June 2015


Saturday was a grey day with occasional drizzle. Sue likes a Saturday newspaper so I walked into Eynsham, it's a 3 mile walk, the way I knew anyway, which was the towpath back to Swinford toll bridge and the B4044 into the village. It was humid and it wasn't long before I was carrying my rain jacket. 

A nice surprise when I got to the village a folk festival in the square. A marquee had been erected, two young local lasses were singing, harmonising perfectly. Inside the Red Lion there were guitars, fiddles, accordion, squeeze boxes, flute, ukulele, banjos and a bodhran having a jamming session in the bar, musicians joining in and dropping out at random- excellent. I had a Timothy Taylors Landlord ale while I listened. Back outside a loan piper was finishing his set then a Sol Samba band struck up , which upped the beat, dancing among the standing audience started, some being pressed into steps by the band's own dance troupe, this was my cue to leave, pick up a paper and wander back. Unfortunately I missed the Morris men.

Towpath walk.

Eynsham Morris in the Square
Web picture from last years festival.
Swinford toll bridge - 5p per car.

Eynsham lock.
Pinkhill lock.

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Adam said...

I think your photo of Eynsham Lock also includes a boat called Baleine. Lovely boat (on which I did a boat test) and really nice owners. Say hello from me if you happen to see them again!