Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bob Geldof

We are staying at the Harbour Views Hotel in Melbourne, when I booked it on line I specifically requested a room with a view of the harbour. Guess what if you want a view of the harbour you have to get out of the hotel and either walk or take the tram for two blocks to view the harbour, why are hotels allowed to get away with this sort of subterfuge. We wanted to stay another night in Melbourne, when I enquired at the desk I was told the rate for another night would be $60 higher. I politely told them to poke it and we moved next door to the Atlantis a better hotel cheaper rate with breakfast included.

I love visiting new places but I hate being a tourist, I seem to hear  Bob Geldof's voice all day shouting at me GIVE ME YOUR F$$#ing MONEY. Maybe I'm just getting too grumpy.

We have been out and about today on the free tram service that runs around the City visiting Queen Victoria Day Market, Federation Square, Royal Exhibition Building and the Melbourne Museum. Melbourne is a friendly, diverse city, plenty of open park areas and tree lined thoroughfares but a lack of pubs!

Melbourne's oldest hotel.

Queen Vic Market

Royal Exhibition building.

Exhibit at the Museum.
Tomorrow we are going back to Sydney.

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