Monday, 19 January 2015

Bush tucker trial.

We have moved north to Cairns, a 2.5 hour Virgin flight from Brisbane (there are as many Virgin aircraft here as Easyjets at Gatwick). We are staying in an apartment at the Harbour Lights overlooking the water, the skyscraper type accommodation and buildings of the Gold Coast have not reached this area yet....the city is made up mostly of low rise buildings, some attractive parks and a large lido type lagoon,  We have been nosing around the harbour and the city most of the day. I did book a sunset dinner cruise for the evening but it got cancelled because of lack of bookings.....where are all the tourists? I have booked us on a barrier reef tour for tomorrow, snorkelling for Sue and a scuba dive for me, hope that doesn't get canx. It has been very humid today until the rain came and freshened and cooled the climate for the evening.

We had dinner at Micks place; we both opted for the bush tucker trial taster plate of Emu sausage, Crocodile tail, Kangaroo steak, Barramundi, prawns and sweet potato... luckily no fish eyes, marsupial penis or cockroach made it to our plates.

A  $12 beer - don't know why I'm smiling.


View from the hotel

Bush tucker.

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