Monday, 26 January 2015

Moby Dick

We went for our rearranged 11:45 whale watching boat trip, unfortunately it was cancelled because of expected high winds. This was to be the highlight of Sue's trip to NZ, the disappointed look on her face was too much to bare, so off to the helicopter guys to see if a flight was feasible. If we left right then we could get a 40min flight in before the expected wind hit. I have only been in a helicopter once, around the skyline of NY and swore I'd never go up in one again, they frighten the life out of me. I bit the bullet hard and after a 30 second safety brief we were airborne. We were very lucky to see 3 Sperm whales on the surface before they dived with tails waving goodbye as they dived back down to the deep to feed. On the way back to base we saw a pod of over a hundred grey dolphins. It was very difficult trying to zoom in on the beasts from the chopper, the photo's below are the best of my efforts.

Sue with our pilot.

Kaikoura peninsula below
This one was about 17meters according to our pilot.

Grey Dolphins.

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Diane and Ray said...

You were very brave Andy, not sure I would have gone up in such a small helicopter. The photos are really good too xx D&R