Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Queen Vic

Hardly slept a wink last night worried in case we overslept and missed the 05:00 shuttle bus to the airport. Consequently when we got to Melbourne at 12:30 we slept most of the afternoon, I did venture out to harbour side while Sue stayed in the land of nod. Unlike Sydney harbour's crowded bar's and bistro's I only saw a handful of customers here. I walked past the Etihad Stadium to get to the waters edge, shame the Socceroo's aren't playing the final here we would of got tickets.

In the evening we walked to the Queen Victoria Wednesday Market, this is where all the people were, it was pulsating with music and street entertainers, the aroma coming from the multitude of cuisines being cooked from stalls was mouth watering. They reckon 25,000 customers can turn up on a Wednesday evening, I wouldn't disagree with that figure tonight. Sue made a purchase from one of the artisan stalls, we also enjoyed a Mojito as we strolled the lanes of vendors.

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Diane and Ray said...

That's a great experience but the queen Viv markets are also brilliant during the day and completely different. Enjoy Melbourne love D&R xx