Monday, 5 January 2015


Planes are unhealthy environments to travel in, you cant really get away from the guy snotting, sneezing and coughing, so I would like to apologise to my fellow passengers if any of my germs affected them in any way.

It started the morning of our journey down to Heathrow a slight tickle in the back of my throat, by the time we had reached Hong Kong I had full blown man flu and I felt terrible. I was sweating profusely as we awaited a Cathy Pacific flight for the onward leg to Sydney. Arriving at border control in Australia I was worried the Ebola Police would march me off for screening, I looked a little conspicuous, the only passenger arriving in 30 degree heat still wearing a thick jumper and zipped up jacket. No one seemed overly concerned about my sweaty demeanour... a taxi ride to our hotel in Darling Harbour and we both slept for 24hours.

We have now been in Sydney 3 days and poor Sue has not left the Hotel yet, she has developed the man flu that I am just getting over now.

Yesterday I did manage to get out and go for a stroll, I love what the lags have done with the place since the Endeavour first sailed into the bay. Darling Harbours broad board walks with bistro's cafes and restaurants overlook some serious GRP cruisers on the water, opposite there's a sub with an orange octupus atop  berthed outside the National Maritime Museum. The harbour side walkway continues to Kings Wharf  where because of some large construction sites (mega bucks apartments) I was diverted onto the Hickson road where I continued my stroll, eventually onto Sydney Harbour Bridge and a view of the Opera House. Wilting, I stopped of at The Australian Hotel at the Rocks for an ice cold Coke and some water, making my way back to harbour side I sat for an hour just people watching.....magic.

Photo taken of part of billboard on construction site.

St Phillips

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