Sunday, 25 January 2015


We drove 120k to Kaikoura through some great twisty mountain roads, the little Nissan Sunny skidded around some of the bends and whined on some of the 2nd gear assents as I put it through it's paces. Sue was relieved when we arrived at the hotel.

We booked a 4pm boat to go whale watching, when we arrived at the sign in desk we were asked if we got sea sick on boats. I replied we live on a boat and have never had sea sickness problems. Then again the canal system in Britain never has much of a chop on it. On second thoughts we will postpone the whale watching till tomorrow lunch time when the sea is expected to be calmer. Instead we had a sedate walk around the Lavender farm.

We spent the evening at Donegal House an Irish establishment with restaurant and bar, I opted for the Irish Stew while Sue had the Sunday roast.

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