Sunday, 18 January 2015


Sunday - We have a late flight out of Brisbane to Cairns result of bit of a cock up on my part, I hadn't noticed Virgins tiny little pm against the 08:05 flight I booked our journey, when the email confirmation came through it was in the very large 24 hour clock 20:05. We got to the airport early enough for the 16:00 flight but Virgin, bless them, wouldn't let me change flight as we had been "locked into the 20:05 flight" but I could buy a new ticket for the earlier flight $300 each but without a refund for our original tickets! Thanks but no thanks I'll consol myself with a  $11 Peroni and wait.

Earlier we drove to Jacobs Well and had a bacon & egg breakfast at a small cafe. At the harbour car park there must of been over a hundred 4 x 4's with large empty boat trailers their owners all gone of for a Sunday cruise/fish/sail. Then it was over to Frank Doyle Park in Moreton Bay where we sat and watched the boats coming and going from the estuary.
Low tide at Moreton Bay

We dropped the Avis car at Brisbane Airport, complained about the useless Satnav they had rented us( the screen keys printed a random letter when pressed and the unit didn't know where Brisbane Airport is located), they promised to credit us for the rental, I'll wait and see.

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Paul and El said...

Bugger, should have lent you my Oz Tom Tom