Thursday, 29 January 2015

Penguin Parade

Had to keep Sue away from Collins Street and the high end tat they sell. So I took her on the Melbourne Star, like the London Eye without the historical buildings to admire, but still worth a whirl to see the docks, sky scrappers and distant views.

Melbourne Star views

We went over to Phillip Island to see a natural event that has been happening after sunset every night for century's. We, along with a few hundred others are sat on a grandstand facing the ocean, then as the light fades, Little Penguins begin climbing up the beach to their burrows in the dunes and cliffs behind us, for some of them it is a two hour hike from the beach to home. It is an extraordinary event to witness, the penguins leave at sun up to feed all day and make the remarkable journey back each night. Photography is banned so below is an Internet image.

Bridge to Phillip Island.

This lucky chap had Phillip Island's GP circuit to himself.

Phillip Island has a bit of an Isle of Wight theme to it. I had a Victoria Bitter (which I can't recommend) in the Isle of Wight Hotel in Cowes. Another town on the island is named Newhaven.

Cowes pier. 

The Nobbies.

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