Monday, 5 January 2015

Bit of a shock.

Had to call a doctor out to Sue this morning, Dr Expat arrived an hour later and after she examined the patient she diagnosed 'Acute Early Pneumonia' and may need a trip to A/E for an IV if the antibiotic's she has prescibed fail to bring her temperature down over the next few hours, currently running at 39 degrees.

Good news is 6 hours later and her temperature is down to 38, now that's a relief I can tell you. While Sue rested I visited the Maritime Museum and had lunch down at the harbour.

A city pigeon.

Spot the destroyer

Replica of Endeavour

Much smaller than I thought it would be.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Andy and Sue, Glad to hear your temp has come down, Sue; I do hope you are recovering well.
If you are coming to Wellington in NZ, we would love to see you! Please let us know - I can collect you or help you organise a lovely train trip from Wellington to Waikanae where we live.
Travel safely and enjoy Sydney. Cheers, Marilyn McD (nb Waka Huia - in the northern summer, Waikanae in the southern warm months)
PS Aren't those birds freaky? Apparently not shy or friendly if approached ...

Paul and El said...

Gawd that's no good, get well soon Sue.
Ahh the filthy Ibis, its such a bloody ugly bird!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Hop she makes a speedy recovery xxxxxxx

Andy said...

Thanks to all.

Marilyn..thanks for your kind offer, if we make it to North Island we will look you up. Andy & Sue X