Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Our time in Stone..

... comes to an end, we had a good week, visiting familiar haunts, friends and our favourite landlady at the Royal Exchange - Michelle always welcomes us as if we haven't been away cruising for the preceding seven months.

Our stay coincided with the Stone food & drink festival where we enjoyed an afternoon sampling a few of the wares on offer with Roly & Bev.

The car has been to the garage twice, once to have a service and secondly to have an oil leak rectified, hopefully it is all good to get us to Spain.

We are now slowly wending our way back southwards for an appointment for FL to have her new cratch cover fitted.
It's two weeks into Autumn and the countryside is still green, few leaves have changed colour and even fewer fallen, there is still some warmth to the afternoon sun but temperatures plummet at sunset.

We have lit the stove for the first time this year, as I type this, a pot of homemade soup is warming on top.

I like this door on a shed at Colwich lock

Colwich lock shed is on the left.

We have stopped for the night at Taft Bridge opposite the small holding, Sue likes to look out the windows and see the live stock especially the pigs and alpaca.

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