Tuesday, 18 October 2016

2 x AA's

A dry blustery day today, we haven't moved far - went to Wigrams Turn marina to brim the fuel tanks then moved to moor at Lower Shuckburgh. 

I really want to knock on the door and ask how much I'd get for the used  power units out of my toothbrush.

I've been trying my best to learn a bit of Spanish apart from having a couple of Spanish apps on the phone I am also using the Michel Thomas method which I have downloaded to a tablet. He proclaims any student can learn without books, without writing anything down and without memorising.

The last part I was particularly interested in as I cant memorise what I did yesterday.  

Basically you listen to Michel teaching two students and with the use of the pause button you join in as the third student.  Time will tell if any of it sinks into my greying matter.

Tomorrow is maintenance day engine - oil & filter to change, gearbox oil to change and battery terminals to be cleaned and sealed - their's twelve of those.

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