Thursday, 27 October 2016

Ille de Re

As we arrived at La Rochelle quite late in the day it was decided we would stay another day to mooch around a bit. It's a fabulous place steeped in history, wonderful architecture, waterfront views and good food & service in the bars & restaurants.

Entrance to the inner harbour.
 The Chain tower in the above picture gets it's name from a time when a chain was hauled across the entrance at night time.

The chain.

The Chain tower, St Nicholas tower and the Lantern in the back ground ( link )

Back street bar.

Church of St Sauveur

The town clock.

La Rochelle is the largest harbour in Europe for leisure craft.
In the afternoon we drove over the arching road bridge to Ile de Re, the sun came out to show the island's sandy beaches, leafy squares and streets of green shuttered dwellings at their best.

Bridge to Ile de Re
 Although not quiet at this time - are the French kids on half term too - I bet it is difficult to get parked or find space for your bum on a seat at a restaurant table in the height of summer.

The well off Parisian's looked to have locked their bit of the island away till next time, the same as some Londoners do to Cornwall.

 We sat at a harbour side restaurant to have lunch of moules & frites.

Fruits de mer inevitably are much tastier when you can see the boat that supplied them bobbing about on the water.

St Martin

St Martin-de-Re.

Water spout at the end of the street.

Top marks again go to Marco Polo Mojacar Macey for the recommendation.

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