Saturday, 8 October 2016

Del boy's Reliant Robin.

Stopped at Brindley Aqueduct behind Nb Oakapple, the pasty boat aka Ewn ha Cul pulled in soon after. Empty jars were gratefully exchanged for full of homemade piccalilli & jam and of course a couple of pasty's found there way to FL's galley.... 'proper job' as they say in Cornwall.

Pasty perfection's by Dot. 

The little people outside the Stag's Leap. 

The Stags Leap  was a 10 minute walk from the moorings where we had a good lunch with Dot, Gordon, Sharon and Richard. After goodbye's the following morning we headed off to the Junction at Fradley for an overnight stop. From there we will make our way down the Coventry Canal towards Hawkesbury Junction.

Always plenty happening at this busy yard.

King's Orchard bridge.

Red red Robin.

Hay walls in Staffordshire.


First stopping point was Tamworth, Delboy's Reliant Robin was manufactured here along with Scimitar sports cars.

Del boy & Rodders with their Reliant van

Moored opposite Alvecote marina with the adjacent Samuel Barlow pub, Richard & Sharon joined us for a Happy Friday drink. We stayed a little longer than we expected, we were all torchless fumbling our way back to the boats.

Today we set of at about 08:30 first stop was the water point at Bradley Green before tackling the eleven locks that make up the Atherstone flight. The further up the flight we went the more boats we met descending and at the top lock a jolly volunteer lockie helped us through.

Richard & Sharon under Bradley Green bridge

Entering one of the Atherstone locks.

Top lock cottage

Grandad said he used to tow the narrow boats...........

We called it a day after a six hour cruise and pulled in at Apple Pie lane bridge before Harthill Yard.

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