Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Saga in Rouen

Our car insurers would only cover us for 90 days in Europe, no good as the vehicle would be the other side of the channel for 160 days. Got the heads up from Mojacar Macey to try Saga - why not - I've been old for a few years now. Result, 365 days cover for under £100 was possible a couple of add ons including legal cover raised it to £140 a considerable saving from current insurers.

The same thing with breakdown cover, our AA cover is for 104 days per visit, to take it up to the 160 days would be a whopping extra £817 on top  - with Saga £118 for 365 days in any European country included.

So with that sorted we headed for the Chunnel:

Felt like we were driving to France through the train.

Calais was sunny as we exited the train, we didn't see any sign of the jungle on our way to the A16 - we did see van loads of Gendarmes heading out of Calais perhaps the job was already completed.

A three hour drive got us to our first stop in Rouen.

A large city on the banks of the Seine, Rouen is where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. We spent what was left of daylight exploring a small part of the city

Large hotel boats cruise the river.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

Could almost be Chester

The Gros Horloge

Still operating in France.

Joan of Arc Museum at the site of her death.

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