Friday, 28 October 2016


We didn't set of from La Rochelle until gone noon which meant we didn't arrive in Biarritz until gone 16:00. The car was too tall to fit in the hotel's underground car park so after dropping the bags off we found a spot for it a few streets away outside the Tourist Info shop.

Our first thoughts on Biarritz is that it isn't as chic as the hype would have you believe, the casino's are here and the Hotel du Palais but there are plenty of good value bars and bistro's that cater for the surf set. Architecturally it reminded us of Brighton.

Refreshment was had here 

Rocher de la Vierge topped with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The small harbour.

Surfers in the Atlantic
It was 22C when we arrived here, tomorrow we should cross the border into Spain..... I'll get my shorts on.

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