Sunday, 17 July 2016

Teresa May's manor.

It was warm when we cast of at 07:00, a first for this summer. 

Most of the traditional boat owners were asleep when we cruised through Henley getting a free show.

The Royal rowing barge.


Henley boat house

At Marsh lock an Israeli hire crew were looking lost at the lock controls. Sue educated them and we shared the rising water into the next reach. They sped away as the gates opened, probably late in returning the ship back to base.

At Shiplake lock we are third in the queue to top up our water tank but second to fill it thanks to one of Sonnings resident moorers who let jump the queue.

Speaking of Sonning residents, our new PM lives in Sonning - when she's not at Downing Street. So after mooring above Sonning lock I rang Teresa's local the Bull Inn to see if there was a table free for Sunday lunch. There was, we had a lovely meal, Sunday roast for the lady's while I had sea bass. The food was excellent but I had my most expensive pint ever here £5.25 - I think I'll complain to the local MP.

Sonning lock
I think this fisherman is using a fish finder.



Carol said...

No wonder we couldn’t find where you were moored on Sunday! Happy cruising.x

Andy said...

Never seen Medmenham so full....I noticed the good work going on with the solar panels, we didn't want to interrupt. Will meet up soon I'm sure.