Friday, 8 July 2016

Henley to Marlow

Leaving the masses of boats behind in Henley we passed the £100 mooring notices that lined the regatta course up to Temple island.  Arriving at the lock before the lock keeper with five other cruisers none of the crews seemed to want to work the lock, so Sue did the honours, the five cruisers would of sped past FL in the next reach anyhow.

The sun is shining but not particular warm en route to Hurley, at the lock we topped up the water tank, having three on board depletes the tank quicker - I'll have to ration the outlaw's tea consumption. 

Approaching  Marlow town we spy Ferndale on the free moorings, a cruiser is moored in front of her, FL slots in to sandwich the cruiser. Later the cruiser leaves, being considerate boaters we pull FL back to leave space for another sixty footer.

Betty came with us into town to pick up supplies from Waitrose, we now each have one of their loyalty cards which get you a free cup of coffee a day from any of their stores, every little helps - or was that Tesco!
Back at the boat Tony & Helen on nb Holderness had moored in front. We had a quiet night watching Wales lose to Portugal. 


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