Sunday, 10 July 2016

Marlow to Bourne End

For some reason  I haven't managed to get my camera out over the past few days so below pics I have plagiarised from others.

I have been reading Still Rocking's adventures for sometime but we had not met before, our boats never being in the same place. So when Diane locked FD & FL through Marlow lock we were both looking forward to meeting up with Carol & George at the Spadeoak moorings in Bourne End with the added bonus that Sue & Vic on there new wide beam No Problem XL were moored there too.

FD & FL breasted up with SR & NPXL after hello's all round, a viewing of the two wonderful wide beams (why do they look so much wider than double the width of a narrow boat) Carol made a brew Diane provided home baked cakes and biscuits, then we settled in SR's capacious stern deck for a bit of boater banter. Tony & Helen nb Holderness stopped off on their way to Windsor which made eleven on the deck quite comfortably.

The fun was over much too soon, first we waved goodbye to Tony & Helen and then George & Carol off towards Marlow. It was great to meet up at long last, we are sure to meet up on the Thames again later this year.

There's a pub 200 yards away so the rest of the group went for lunch at the Spadeoak.


Later in the day  the engine boards were up and FL got an engine service.


Carol said...

No Sue, it was me that left with George on Still Rockin’ not Helen, she’d gone with Tony on Holderness! lol!!

Andy said...

Oh, better put that one right straight away;)