Friday, 29 July 2016

Fenny Compton

Had a late start, for us anyhow, which worked out well for the eight locks we were to climb today. We had assistance from or gave assistance to crews at each of the locks. 

Work boat in need of a load.

Family leaving Claydon bottom lock.

Not much room in Fenny Compton's roofless tunnel.

The one kilometre long tunnel opened in 1776,  had the land removed above it in sections between 1838 - 1840, making two shorter tunnels, the remainder of the 'roof' was removed in 1865.

Stopped at the water point at Fenny Compton where a row between a hire crew and a private boater was getting heated, at one point there was a scuffle between the two women involved then the smart phones came out to video the altercation for both parties.

To me both were in the wrong, the hirer's for mooring on a water point and going off to the pub for lunch and the other crew for going straight off on a rant without trying to educate the learners.

A nice day

I shouldn't have moored under trees last night, this morning we had sap and birdie do do's all over the roof so first job when we moored up this afternoon was to get the roof washed down. Next job was to chill out on the bank with a cold beer.

View from our mooring north of Knots bridge.

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