Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Canal Time

Thought we'd have a cruise along the South Oxford for a couple of weeks, I need to do some gunnel painting, it's easier to do canal side than on a river bank.

Over the last couple of days we have reached King's Sutton spending the previous night at Lower Heyford.

Canals are very tranquil places, the South Oxford is no exception.The scene is rural farmland, gone are the mega rich houses that we enjoyed peering at on the Thames. The vegetation does encroach a bit but I for one think it is all the better for it. A sanitised ditch would be a tad boring to cruise along. 

A few pictures of our journey:

Narrow locks.

Pinsey Bridge.

Pigeon lock.

Checking the level.

Pigeon lock.

Part of Jane's Enchanted Tea Gardens

Old Brighton bridge.


Allens lock.

Tight squeeze into Heyford Common lock

Sobmerton Deep lock.

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