Monday, 23 March 2015

FL's bottom, day one.

 Sue is very poorly with  womenflu  so while she kept warm and arranged a visit to the doctors I single handed the boat though Yard Lock and wait to be called into the dry dock . A skillful reversing manoeuvre got FL positioned in the dock, the plug was pulled and we settled on the beams.

No idea why they call this a dry dock it should be renamed nearly empty dock. If you don't wear wellies your feet and ankles would get wet. No bother, I hired the on site  high powered petrol driven jet washer and for four hours I blasted away at the hull removing all the accumulated slime muck and flakey bits.  Then it was out with the angle grinder with wire brush attachment to go over the whole hull and rudder. I did have the mouse sander out at one point but dropped it in the puddle and it went bang. Next it was out with the wet & dry and flatten the paint on the tunnel bands.

I gave the tunnel bands a coat of primer and managed a coat of blacking on one side of the hull before bad light stopped play.

Before jetwash

After Jetwash 

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