Wednesday, 18 March 2015


It's that time of year when the winter mooring gang start to drift away to commence their 2015 cruising plans, some will head north, some south, others will head towards Wales and a few will stay marina based for a change. Tonight (Tuesday) before we go our separate ways we all joined for a night of beer and wine in the Royal Exchange followed by a meal in Weatherspoons.

Carol, Roly, Lynne, Dot, Diane, Jim, Sue, Sharon, Gordon, Ray, Joan, Richard, Phil, and Bev.

Wednesday morning while waiting for the bacon to cook I heard the Aston lock paddles being worked , thinking this could possibly be Ferndale heading south I left Sue at the grill and walked up to the small hill that overlooks the canal. There I found and joined other early risers to wish Ray & Diane a bon voyage.

Bon Voyage

20L of blacking warming by the fire.
Our plans are first to get FL's bottom smartened up, to this end we have booked a dry dock for a week at Canal Cruisers next week where we will jet wash 2 years grime off the hull, wire brush the flakey bits before giving her three coats of blacking using Intertuf 16, the tunnel bands will be repainted also. I'm hoping in between the coats drying I may get time to repaint the roof.

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