Thursday, 26 March 2015

FL's bottom, day four.

FL looks the same as yesterday, so no pics.

I didn't have enough Intertuf left to do all the hull so only gave the waterline area another coat. then the gloss on the tunnel bands was flattened and a second top coat applied.

Tomorrow will be a drying/hardening day before relaunching Saturday morning just a little bit of painting in the curves for the tunnel bands (Sue has made some templates to do the curves) and refitting the stern and bow fenders.

I did fold myself in half to tackle the prop shaft seal but felt my back tweak when using the spanners so I've asked the yard to fit.

We have had a couple of visitors, yesterday Roly came to inspect the job and today Rob stopped by, a welcomed distraction for me. They didn't stop long, probably didn't want to stop the work in progress or maybe they didn't want to have a paint brush thrust into their hand. Tomorrow Richard and Sharon will be along, I should be all finished by then so a trip to the pub for a well earned ale is on the cards.

It has been cold today, Sue has booked us in for bed and breakfast at the cheapo Crown Hotel. I've just had a nice soak in a hot bath to relax my aching limbs.

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