Wednesday, 25 March 2015

FL's bottom, day three.

We can't light the Epping stove while we are in the drydock and we don't have the central heating on overnight,  last night went down to zero and it was flipping freezing in bed, I had to get out and put an extra layer on.

This morning I started putting the second coat of blacking on I used a 4 inch brush, putting blacking over blacking is a little easier although the overnight frost had made the paint stiff to brush on, it became easier to apply by midday after the sun had warmed it up.

 After the hull was completed I put the first  topcoat on the tunnel bands, this part of the job was most satisfying as I have wanted to get them painted ever since we got the boat two years ago. A coat of black gloss on the port gunnel was the last job of the day.

The rudder has been  refitted with the new cup and bearing in place.

New top bearing

And bottom cup

Tunnel bands painted 

That's another day over, tomorrow will be more of the same.

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