Sunday, 8 March 2015

Brewing in Stone.

It's been a barmy couple of days (Friday & Saturday), sunshine all the way and very little wind. At one point I was in T-shirt while I washed down FL's port side and roof. Even so this warm weather did not stop a trip to Harrison's to pick up some more coal for our stove.

Stone had been a brewing town since 1780 when Francis Joules built his expansive premises beside the Trent & Mersey canal, a smart move as the canal provided the transport links to enable the brewery to prosper. With the link's into Liverpool docks Joules was able to sell his products to Europe, America and even Australia. Brewing in the town continued for nearly 200 years until Bass Charrington acquired the company in 1970, demolishing the brewery in 1974 (only the warehouse remains today alongside the canal).

Joules warehouse now houses several light industry's
Fast forward 33 years and brewing started again in the town with Lymestone 'Micro Brewery'. It was here we found ourselves Friday evening for a tour of the facility and tasting of their ale's. Roly organised transport from the marina and nine boaters joined up with 30 other like minded souls to learn about the brewing process and sample some fine ale's my favourite on the night being 'Stone the Crows'. Not sure I learnt much about the brewing side of things on the night but I did learn their ale is very palatable.

Andy, Sue, Gordon, Dot, Richard and Sharon

Roly, Vinney and Rob.

Sunday we awoke to light rain which steadily became worse, we were pondering what to do with the day over tea and toast, until a bout of early morning texting between Diane, Dot and Sue sorted out an unexpected Sunday roast at Sutton Hall and a trip to the flicks to watch 'Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' in a Macclesfield.

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