Monday, 2 December 2013

Trentham Estate

Lazy Sunday, the weather was good with clear skies and no wind, I must start getting  out on the beer hunter again for some towpath exercise. Elly and Mick popped in for a cuppa and chat in the afternoon.

Monday and the skies are still blue. After changing a dodgy socket in the kitchen, washing the soot of the roof and filling the water tank we took ourselves off to Trentham Estate shopping village, a collection of log cabin shops selling all sorts from ceramics to cookware, contemporary art to outdoor clothing. Sue bought some boots and we also purchased thermal hats and socks for when the winter sets in.

Christmas Light Switch On 29 Nov

 There was a Pieminister cafe but unfortunately they had sold out of the Matador pie filled with beef steak, chorizo, olives, sherry and butter beans that  I wanted so we left and ended up in Cheappo Weatherspoons.

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