Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 Stats and Beer.

Since buying FL in April in the 5 months that we cruised we clocked up
557 miles 298 locks 93 lift bridges 35 aqueduct's and 5 Tunnels.

During these waterway miles we visited some excellent pubs along the way where I sampled  31 different ales.

My top ten ales :-
  1. Marstons Pedigree
  2. Plum Porter
  3. Timothy Taylors
  4. Old Hookey
  5. The Bell Ale
  6. Ruddles County
  7. Marstons Empire
  8. Doombar Ale
  9. London Glory
  10. Spitfire
I'm afraid I don't have a discerning palate, I can't taste a 20 year old oak barrel or smell the hops from west of the Thanet Way in any beverage although I could taste the plums in Plum Porter. What I can tell you is of the beers that I tasted these are the ones that looked and tasted good to me on the particular day I sampled them, of course dependant on how a landlord keeps his beer my number one spot could of easily been at number thirty.

Well 2013 is just about to flicker out and what a wonderful year it has been for us, we couldn't have picked a better year to start our new life style. The summer was one of the best I can remember, we have made many new friends during our travels, we have seen parts of England we never knew existed and been part of a linear community that welcomed us with open arms.

So to all blog readers  I wish you all the very best for 2014.

Cheers and Beers

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