Thursday, 12 December 2013

The cheek of Google

We went into Stafford today to do some shopping and this guy was entertaining the crowds.

I thought he must be using some sort of steel frame work and triangulating it though the brolly until he changed position and swung the umbrella over his shoulder.

I bought another cordless Dyson today this one has a motorised brush head so picks up loads more than the other one did. States a 20 min battery life from full charge which is more than enough to do the floor area. The old one had me crawling around  the boat on my hands and knees to gather the dirt. I prefer the colour of this one blue as opposed to gold and I don't need to get up close and personal with the muck. .. oh and it reaches into the bilge in the engine bay.


Mr Dyson posing with my machine.

Look what Google + have done to one of yesterdays photos, I didn't ask for it to be done, good job I quite like it . Just in case it doesn't show after I press the publish button there is snow falling.

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