Thursday, 5 December 2013

Xmas Ale

Wednesday was get the build up of washing done, for some reason the on board washer drier won't work when the boat is plugged into shore power, we have to detach ourselves from the umbilical cord that gives us 240v, start the engine and then the washing machine works fine. I think the problem is something to do with what the inverter does to the current passing through it, the delicate electronics in the washing machine recognises the change as a problem and shuts down. Elly and Mick have the same machine and the same problem.

In the evening we went to the Three Crowns for tea, game pie and belly pork, both were very good. I had the Marstons Pedigree while Sue had a glass of Xmas Ale.

Thursday Rob came around first thing to do some more measuring, he will start the fitting in two weeks time.
We are both knackered because for some reason we didn't sleep well last night, we are used to getting the full 8 hours and more these days.

We went into Lichfield to do some window shopping, Sue wanted to pick up something she window shopped last time we were there!, on the way home we went to the Tesco superstore at Rugeley to stock up the food cupboards and the beer corner, the three ales for a fiver deal has stopped..booo ...and has been replaced with a four for six quid deal.... hooray. ... .

Today the gale's came, rocked the boat and toppled the satellite dish off its magnetic base. If the wind doesn't abate we won't be able to watch 'I'm a Feckless Knob off the Telly ...Get Me out of Here'

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