Saturday, 14 December 2013

Dunelm and Uncletricide

Friday was a dreary dull day only highlight was playing with the new Dyson, which was capable of getting the previous owners grime from the carpets as well as our own. Apart from going to Dunelm in Stafford for a winter duvet we did little else of note.

If the act of killing your own father is Patricide has Kim Jung-Un committed Uncletricide. Perhaps after culling his own relatives,  he will then be able to surpass his dads achievements which included turning winter into spring, making rainbows spontaneously appear,  getting eleven 'holes in one' in a game of golf, never defecating his whole life and inventing  the hamburger.
Amazing how with the amount of information available at the stroke of a keyboard these narcissistic dictators aren't shot on the spot by the nearest person brandishing a brain cell and a gun.

Saturday we awoke to bright conditions with just thin wispy broken cloud cover, Sue did some baking and a couple of wash loads, the first load worked on the shore power ok , the second load stopped half way through so we had to revert to unplugging the shore power and switching the engine on.!!!  Nothing much else happened just chilled out really.

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