Friday, 22 November 2013

Stone exercise

A nice sunny chilly day today. First job of the day was to buy a couple more bags of coal, this time Sue came with me, it was much easier with a push and pull team especially over the bridge.

Rob came as promised to get the final measurements for the carpentry work required. The units he will build off site and plans to have them installed before Christmas.....great we can't wait.

Since we have had the car at the marina we have got out of the habit of walking, so today we decided to walk into Stone along the towpath for some much needed exercise. Along the way we spotted Parisian Star two days out from her winter mooring at the marina, Mick and Elly were onboard so we had a bit of a chat, plus we got an early Christmas present of a tinnie cooler all the way from Aussieland... thanks again guys.

In Stone we headed for WH Smiths as Sue wanted  to get birthday cards and batteries. A coffee and sandwich in Costa's, a quick trip into Morrisons, a look around the Co.op and we were on the road back to the marina. The walk back took around 45 minutes which is a bit different to the 15 minutes the management here told me it took to walk into Stone. Technically they are probably right but to get to anywhere in Stone you would want to go to I.E. the shopping centre it's a lot longer walk... just nit picking.

Tomorrow will give the boat a good wash and take over to the fuel pontoon to fill with diesel.

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