Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ghostly happenings in Stone boozer.

These clear sunny chilly days are really very pleasant. We wake up to a warm boat each morning courtesy of the red hot coals in The Epping Stove. After tea and bacon banjo's we cast off for the fuel pontoon, after filling we cracked through a thin sheet of ice at the exit to the marina turned right and right again into the entrance to the marina and moored back on our pontoon. That's a few hundred yards or so, the most we have travelled in FL since middle of September.

After watching England get beat in the RFL world cup semi final by NZ it was still sunny and no wind so I washed down the roof and the starboard side of the boat. Unfortunately the pontoon didn't dry out before it got dark and it froze and made the pontoon slippery in places. Ralph who shares our pontoon was not home yet so I was quite concerned to catch him on his way to the boat to warn him. Luckily I did catch him on his way over the bridge to the mooring and asked him to be extra careful stepping on to the pontoon. Note to self don't wash the boat if the the temp is going to drop below zero.

We didn't fancy cooking so it was off  to Weatherspoons for our tea, I had steak & kidney pie chips peas and a pint of Ruddles, Sue had ham, egg and chips and a mug of tea total price £9.99 ....hahahahah.

A pint of Titanic Plum Porter and another mug of tea in The Royal Exchange where we witnessed a table of mature ladies absolutely stunned after one of their drinks flew of the table and on to the floor. They were adamant that none of them had knocked it of the table, the bartender who came to clear the mess up stated that it was the third incident of its kind that evening. Spooky

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