Thursday, 7 November 2013

Chimney's and The Royal Exchange

Awoke to blue sky's and sunshine which lasted most of the day. So got on with some outdoor jobs first we put the bow and stern fenders on. Then I resealed the chimney flue to the collar as the old sealant had perished and we were getting the odd drip running down the outside of the flue inside the boat. Hopefully this will clear the problem.
I am in the process of commissioning a bespoke stainless steel chimney to be manufactured as the cheappo one we got from midland chandlers at the Crick Show is a bad fit and is letting watery tar condense in between the double skins which then runs out from the bottom of the chimney and makes a mess on the roof paintwork.

We won't be able to light the fire until the sealant has cured. A last minute decision saw us in the Poste of Stone, a Weatherspoons establishment where we had fish chips and peas and steak & kidney pudding with chips and peas, a pint of Ruddles and a pot of tea all for under £14. This is the first time we have been to a Weatherspoons pub and we were both pleasantly surprised at the price and standard of the fayre on offer, we will be having a few more cheap nights out here me thinks.

On the way back to the car we popped into the Royal Exchange for a nightcap, I had a glass of Titanic Steerage , Sue had another pot of tea, this is a smashing pub with a good atmosphere, log fire and the Staffordshire 2013 Camra pub of the year. This is deffo the best pub we have been in in Stone.

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Paul and El said...

You cant beat a spoons for good value booze and food, I can feel a beer or two coming on at the Royal Exchange, it is rather a good pub.