Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guy Fawkes


We went into Stone to find a boozer that had Sky and was showing the England v Australia rugby union game. After trying a couple of pubs the bartender in the Star said to try the Lamb which we did  and spent the afternoon having  a couple of drinks and an excited Sue shouting at the TV. England won 20-13 so we were happy when we returned to the boat. We didn't get the storm the other day but when we got back to the boat the satellite dish had blown of the roof and was lying on the pontoon.

In the evening we had an enjoyable time having  drinks and a super unexpected buffet aboard  NB Caxton aka The Manly Ferry with hosts Paul & Elaine and their friends Ray & Diane  from NB Ferndale and Jim and Joan on NB Two Jays. We all walked up to the fireworks display in the nearby park where there was the biggest bonfire I have ever seen at any firework night event, as well as the dummy going up in flames, for reasons unknown  Dr Who's phone box was atop the pile (don't tell Skye or Clare). The firework display was really quite good for a small town like Stone.


This morning we had a visit from Mark and his daughter Lexie, Mark is a friend and ex colleague of Sue's from her time in the Shepperton branch of Barclays some 17 years ago. Mark was up north visiting  family in the area, Lexie's nan is a Stone resident. Sue went to meet them at the car park and they all got caught in a hail storm walking back to the boat, they were all a bit sodden when they arrived. They stayed for a cup of tea, catch up and a tour of FL. Regrettably I missed a photo opportunity forgetting to whip the camera out to snap our guests.

Sue cooked us a roast chicken dinner and baked bread and a fruit cake, can see we maybe putting on a few pounds over the winter as we are not exercising while travelling.

We needed more coal so in between the showers I took a trolley to the on site shop and bought two bags, price is a bit steep at £11.95 a bag. The trolleys at the marina are quite flimsy and it was hard work pulling the 50kg load especially as it had started to rain, so head down hood up, off I went pulling the load behind me. It wasn't until I got to the facilities block that I found one of the bags had a large hole and most of its contents were  now dotted along the path all the way back to the shop.....Bugger. Took me another 15 mins walking back and forth with handfuls of wet coal before I could head back to the boat.

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Ken and Sheena said...

Can you not get other boaters to chip in and get a mega load from the nearest coal merchants? Price goes down considerably over 10 bags. £12 a bag is full on garage price and taking the Michael. Hope you have a good winter, anyway. Stay warm.