Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bacon Banjo?

Woke up this morning to clear blue skies and bacon banjo's. We decided we will go for a 22" TV so it was of to Curry's in Stafford to have a look at what is available in that size. Ended up with a 22" Samsung Smart TV but had to go to Stoke to get it as Stafford didn't stock it.

I have just set it up and the  'smart' bit is it will connect wirelessly to the mifi and has BBC and ITV iplayer application pre installed.

While I have been busy with  the technical stuff Sue has taken herself and her book down to the laundry room to do some washing.

I have been asked why a bacon sandwich is called a banjo, here is one explanation from the Urban Dictionary.

A Bacon and fried Egg sandwich with a very runny yoke.
As you bite into the delicious hot Bacon Banjo and the runny egg bursts sending a jet of yolk shooting out of the sandwich and down the front of your clean shirt/jumper.

As an instant panic reaction you move your left hand (which is holding the leaking sandwich) out to your left holding it around shoulder height. With your spare right hand you dab franticly at the yoke running down your top trying to remove the egg before it stains.

This stance mirrors that of a banjo player strumming away.
We tend to call any sandwich a banjo, egg in or not,  brushing crumbs of your shirt gives the same effect.

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