Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Google Barges

Went to Newcastle under Lyme to see about secondary glazing for our windows. Left our measurements with one company who promised to phone that afternoon with a quote.
To have something to compare the quote with we went to B&Q and priced their perspex sheets and roughly worked out to £350 to buy the sheets to do the job, but then I'd have to cut them myself.

The afternoon came and went and no quote was rung through. So on to the Internet and found a company that would do it all for £172 delivered. Thats for 6 hopper windows 5  discs for the port holes and 2 front  door windows all made to measure.


The quote came through this morning £180 to late now should of stuck to their promise.

Couple of jobs done today

First I had to get the hack saw out and modify the 12 brackets that hold the open top hopper windows so the secondary glazing will fit then I wired up a socket in the electrical cupboard, this will be used for charging the engine battery while on shore power, and for plugging the dehumidifier in the bedroom.

I see Google are using Barges now and keeping their purpose secret , perhaps they are going to do a street coast view of the whole world.

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