Sunday, 17 September 2017

Wallingford - Little Wittenham

Waitrose is handily placed in Wallingford, we made good use of it. Some xmas mince pies were purchased , the girl on the till didn't know if they would keep till christmas when I asked.

The multi roomed antique emporium was closed when we walked back to FL, so I couldn't have a second look at a P10 compass I had my eye on, the type used in WW2 RAF aircraft. Oh well that made my mind up.

Jethro Tull had a house at Crowmarsh Gifford village on the west bank, not the one legged flute player but the older one who invented the horse drawn seed drill.

Underway we were passed by a brand new Shetland cruiser and friendly newbie crew. At Benson lock Sue asked them to breath in while the skipper anxiously looked at FL gliding in mm's from their shiny fenders.

Shillingford bridge hotel moorings were full

Sue's favourite boat house, pretty brick work.

Sue's favourite house

The owners are selling off the boathouse for £1,250,000. details here

Little Wittenham mooring

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