Friday, 15 September 2017

Pangbourne to Wallingford

It was dry when we walked into the Berkshire village to replenish the Earl Grey jar. It's a wealthy place is Pangbourne, ordinary looking 3 bed houses in the estates agents window were nudging the £1,000,000 mark and at the car lot down the road a second hand one previous lady owner car was a snip at £125,000. (Aston Martin)  It is amazing what a good rail link in the Thames valley can add to the prosperity of a village.

Before tea I had a wander over the toll bridge to Whitchurch, it was around 5 o'clock and the traffic was backed up to the end of the village to pay the 60p fee to cross to Pangbourne.

I was confused as to whether I was now in Oxfordshire or still in Berkshire The Ferryboat pub (which is in my Nicholson's guide) has its address in Oxfordshire - the Greyhound 50 yards further into the village (which is not in the guide) has it's address as Berkshire.  Unfortunately both pubs didn't open till 18:00 so I couldn't have an ale or ask the question.

Google maps gives Whitchurch a Reading address which is in Berkshire... Wikipedia says it is in Oxfordshire!

Whitchurch on Thames

Pangbourne meadow.

St Mary's  - lychgate.

We set off at 08:00, it was cold. 

We were well wrapped up, it was a pleasant cruise through three locks, approaching Cleeve lock we spotted Still Rocking, we had a quick hello goodbye for this year and a photo for the blog. 

View from Goring lock.

George & Carol on their way down stream.

Filling the water tank at Cleeve lock.

We moored in Wallingford, again we beat the showers to our destination.
Wallingford bridge.

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