Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Medmenham - Sonning - Pangbourne

The jolly farmer came along in the driving rain for a fee for tying FL to his field overnight. In the morning things were so much more peaceful as we left Medmenham under a diamond blue sky.

We would of filled these if we had birdie food on board
Stopped in Henley for an hour to pick a couple of bits up from Robert Dyas before slipping through Marsh lock. At cruising revs of 1100 we are scooting along in the deep water, on the canal we would be creeping.

Sonning lock.

We found a sheltered spot above sonning lock to wait out storm Aileen, stern & bow springs were incorporated into the knotting of FL to the hammered in pins. We slept through it and in the morning sunshine but blustery day greeted us.

The new signs at Tesco  haven't deterred the Reading jungle camp refugees.

Have to keep your eyes peeled here, easy to get a stowaway trying to make it across the border to Henley.

Mapledurham lock (love that name)

The sky's darkened so we pulled in at Pangbourne, we got tied up and disappeared inside as the first fat drops of water hit the roof.

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