Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Abingdon - Chimney

We were going to get off the Thames at Oxford but instead we decided to have another wander up to Lechlade. We had overnight stops at Sandford and Pinkhill.

Godstow lock.


Northmoor lock
The lock was self service so Sue helped herself to fruit  and herbs from the lock garden.

Waiting for Sue to close up.

We love this spot

So peaceful
We have been watching a Kingfisher this afternoon fishing. It's favourite perch being fifteen foot up a tree to high dive down on prey, occasionally hovering midstream humming bird like before diving. My pictures were blurred .

Here's one from the www.

Blackberries this time. 

Tall blackberry bush

Peace interrupted. 

A man on a bike?

Chasing swans

Dhruv on his bamboo bike.

We met Dhruv, an interesting guy, who is doing his bit to save the planet, he is raising awareness of the problem of discarded plastic bottles by 'cycling' from Lechlade to Big Ben in London. He is unsupported so if any boaters on the Thames spot him offer him a drink ....but not out of a single use plastic bottle! You can read about the campaign here thethamesproject.org

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