Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lechlade to Dukes Cut.

Thursday - The Lechlade farmer woke us up at 08:30 for a £5 mooring fee. He advised the longer you stay the more you save weekly fee is £25 and monthly £60. 

Friday - It was a sunny start to the cruise, said our goodbyes till next year to the two lockies we did see, they both replied with Happy Christmas!

We stopped at Radcot for an hour for a lunchtime drink in Ye Old Swan a pub that was missing off our list of Thames boozers visited.

Moored at Radcot

We moored at Bablock Hythe so Sainsburys could deliver supplies through the side hatch in the morning.  I swapped a bottle of Doombar for some maggots from a fisherman who was just packing away for the day. I try my best to keep my crew happy.

Monday has been overcast but a calm still day, the water is quiet and smooth, reflections are sharp. The verdant landscape is changing hues, green leaves have started to get a hint of gold, red and grey.

Inspection launch Evenlode

More than a thousand sheep at our Hagley Pools mooring.

Decent Roach( thats ground bait in the bowl not Sues breakfast)
Tuesday- Our last cruise on the Thames for this year, from here it is only twenty minutes to get to Dukes Cut and back on the Oxford canal. Then it's back to my crew getting exercise, winding paddles pushing on gates and heaving up lift bridges.

Misty start to the day

Route to get off the Thames using Dukes Cut under the A40 and on to the Oxford canal.

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