Saturday, 17 October 2015

Turn around

We enjoyed the Radford so much last night we were back there again this morning for the breakfast buffet, orange juice instead of Guinness at this time of the day, at least for the crews off Oakapple & FL, other patrons were indeed having a Guinness with their scrambled eggs.

We were going to Stourport but a change of circumstances means we need to head back to Stone. We can do Stourport another day, the cruise from here to Stone will be enjoyable. I rang Stafford boat club to get permission to wind at their arm (always best to ask stops you getting moaned at) which shortens the journey to the next winding hole by two miles and one lock.

Once about turned we retraced yesterdays cruise and slipped into Tixall Wide to moor. We will watch both the quarterfinals of the RWC .

Nice residence 

Autumn scene

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