Saturday, 3 October 2015

Rugby World Cup foreigners.

We have been enjoying the Rugby World Cup, Japan had an excellent day against Samoa. I noticed that Japan have some players who don't look like they come from the land of the rising sun. This got me thinking which team has the most foreign born players in their squad.

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I thought it could be NZ as they have had the pick of the Polynesian countries, but no, it is Samoa who have 13 foreign born players, NZ only have 5.

Samoa        13 all born in NZ
Tonga have 12
Wales         11
Japan          11
France        10
Aussie          9
Italy              9
USA             9
Canada         5
Ireland         5
NZ               5
Romania      4
England       3
Fiji              3
Namibia      2
Georgia       1
Uruguay      1

The only team with 100% true countrymen playing in the world cup is Argentina where all 31 players were born within its borders.

You can find out how individual players are eligible to play for their chosen countries

Just watched the Scots loose to the Boks. I'm now getting nervous about the England V Aussie game which starts in an hours time.

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