Sunday, 4 October 2015

Stone food and drink festival . Don't mention....

.....the Rugger.

I have finally finished painting the roof ... hooray. I counted the cost of all that paint + :

Primer £79, Undercoat, £74 Top coat, £80, brushes rollers white spirit, masking tape & sanding sheets £45

Total = £204  -  I have still got half a tin of primer and a tin of undercoat left over.

Not cheap but cheaper than hiring a professional.

I used Craftmaster paint which seems a little thicker and flows better than International paint I have used in the past.

The job done looks OK, it will keep rust spots at bay for a good few years. Now I have done the job once I think I could probably make a better job of it next time.

I've started on the starboard roof rail, both the brass bolts holding the centre line cleat snapped when I removed it. They drilled out easy enough but will have to tap some new threads before refitting.

Aston Marina grounds are being used as a park & ride for this weekends Stone Food & Drink Festival ,handy for moorers too. We had a look around the marquees, over 100 food and drink outlets, most were doing a good trade.

 A few different breweries were represented including our favourite the Titanic.

Titanic wasn't busy at 11:00am

A brew for breakfast maybe


Elly and Mick said...

Carol will be sorry she is missing the festival..... when she drags herself out of bed this morning :)

Andy said...

Hi Elly,

You will have to get her to Victoria market for a foody fix.

Liked your pictures of boating on the Murray, a bit more space to entertain than on a narrowboat eh.