Monday, 19 October 2015

Battery power.

I was only mentioning to friends last week how well FL's battery bank has performed, they were two years old when we first got the boat so 4.5 years old. (They were Numax 110Ah maintenance free items). Today they decided to die, no noticeable gradual decline in performance, they just went caput and wouldn't hold a charge at all, even when connected to shore power using the inverters charger.

So it was off to Midland Chandlers where we bought 5 x 113 Ah Lucas batteries badged Albion, a 20% discount  meant we actually got one free. It took me a couple of hours to to get the heavy lumps of lead exchanged, they are maintenance free so I won't need to contort my skeleton into the engine 'ole to top them up.

During the exchange I have managed to loose my rechargeable inspection lamp, funny how things disappear on FL, sometimes they turn up at a later date sometimes they don't -  a mystery.

I will take the old units down to a scrap yard tomorrow to recoup some of the dosh.

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